PSA Nitrogen Generator (PSA N2 Plant)

  • Typical feed: Air
  • Capacity range: 5~3000Nm3/h
  • N2 purity: 95%~99.999% by vol.
  • N2 supply pressure: 0.1~0.8MPa(Adjustable)
  • Operation: Automatic, PLC controlled
  • Utilities: For the production of 1,000 Nm³/h N2, the following Utilities are required:
  • Air consumption: 63.8m3/min
  • Power of air compressor: 355kw
  •  Power of nitrogen generator purification system: 14.2kw

Product Introduction

PSA Nitrogen Generator Working Principle

The PSA Nitrogen generator is based on the principle of pressure swing adsorption, using high-quality carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, under a certain pressure, to produce nitrogen from the air. The purifying and drying compressed air is adsorption and desorption in the adsorber.  Since the diffusion rate of oxygen in the micropores of carbon molecular sieve is much higher than that of nitrogen, oxygen is preferentially adsorbed by carbon molecular sieve, and nitrogen is enriched to form product nitrogen. Then by reducing pressure to normal pressure, the adsorbent desorbs the adsorbed oxygen and other impurities to achieve regeneration. Generally, two adsorption towers are set up in the system, one tower adsorbed nitrogen, the other tower desorption regeneration, through the PLC program controller to control the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve, so that the two towers alternate circulation, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous production of high-quality nitrogen



The PSA Nitrogen Generator Technical Features

1. The PSA N2 Plant has the advantages of low energy consumption, low cost, strong adaptability, fast gas production and easy adjustment of purity.

2. Perfect process design and best use effect;

3. The PSA Nitrogen generator Modular design is designed to save land area.

4. The operation is simple, the performance is stable, the automation level is high, and it can be realized without operation.

5. Reasonable internal components, uniform air distribution, and reduce the high speed impact of airflow;

6. Special carbon molecular sieve protection measures to extend the life of carbon molecular sieve.

7. The key components of famous brands are the effective guarantee of equipment quality.

8. The automatic emptying device of national patent technology guarantees the nitrogen quality of finished products.

9. TCWY PSA N2 Plant has many functions of fault diagnosis, alarm and automatic processing.

10. Optional touch screen display, dew point detection, energy saving control, DCS communication and so on.

The PSA Nitrogen generator application

Protective gas for metal heat treatment process, chemical industry production gas and all kinds of storage tanks, pipelines filled with nitrogen purification, rubber, plastic products production gas, food industry oxygen preservation packaging, beverage industry purification and covering gas, pharmaceutical industry filled with nitrogen packaging and containers filled with nitrogen and oxygen, electronic industry electronic components and semiconductor production process protection gas.