TCWY has gathered well-known Engineering experts and professionals who have rich domestic and international project experience. Since its establishment, TCWY has been focusing on the product and technology research and development and the upgrading and optimization of various technical indicators, to promote the continuous progress of enterprises with scientific and technological progress.



• ISO quality management system certificate
• OHSAS certificate
• EMS Certification
• High-tech enterprise certificate
• Engineering Design Qualification Certificate
• Special equipment design license
• Credit grade 3A enterprise


• A biogas desulfurization device
• A compensation type adsorber pressing device
• A device for natural gas liquefaction
• A device for gas decarbonization and desulfurization purification
• A device for producing synthetic ammonia from sodium cyanide tail gas
• A flue annular distributed burner
• A reformer for natural gas
• A rotary valve for pressure swing adsorption systems
• A segmented flue heat utilization device for natural gas hydrogen production
• Low temperature distillation gas reforming hydrogen production device
• Method for Synthetic Ammonia Tail Gas Hydrogen Extraction Co-Production of Liquefied Natural Gas