The Installation and Commissioning of 7000Nm3/H SMR Hydrogen Plant Contracted By TCWY Was Completed

Recently, the installation and commissioning of the 7,000 nm3 /h Hydrogen Generation by Steam Reforming unit constructed by TCWY was completed and successfully operated. All the performance indicators of the device meet the requirements of the contract. The customer said “TCWY has a very rich experience in natural gas hydrogen production technology and has their innovative ideas. We are very satisfied with the operation performance of the SMR hydrogen plant and look forward to more cooperation in the future.”

HYDROGEN BY STEAM REFORMING Process is to perform the chemical reaction of pressurized and desulfurized natural gas and steam in a special reformer filling with catalyst and generate the reforming gas with H₂, CO₂ and CO, convert the CO in the converted gases to CO₂ and then extract qualified H₂ from the converted gases by pressure swing adsorption (PSA).

The Reaction Principle is

The TCWY natural gas hydrogen production plant has the following characteristics
● Mature technology, safe and reliable
● Reliable and practical operation, high automation
● Cheap operation cost and short recovery period.
● Reduced fuel consumption and exhaust emission by PSA desorbed gas burn-backing

With continuous heavy investment on R&D, TCWY provides reliable systems which are exactly meet the customer’s requirements. TCWY hydrogen plant operating is cost-effective and can significantly reduce production costs. Different feedstock can be used for the hydrogen generation such natural gas, LPG, biogas methanol as well as hydrogen rich gases, resp. off-gases from various processes.

Quality first, Customer first, Reputation first and Service first is TCWY’s business philosophy. With continuous improvement of technology and management, TCWY is committed to provide standardized whole-process solutions to domestic and international partners, to make our customers’ business more competitive through reliable, cost-efficient solutions and achieve win-win situation.


Post time: Mar-25-2024