The Development Trend of Hydrogen Energy In Marine Field

At present, the global electric vehicle has entered the market stage, but the vehicle fuel cell is in the industrialization landing stage, It is the time for the development of Marine fuel cell promotion at this stage, the synchronous development of vehicle and Marine fuel cell has industrial synergies, which can not only achieve the control of ship pollution, energy saving and emission reduction and technological transformation and upgrading goals, It can also be like the electric car market, forcing companies to create a global “electric boat” market.

(1) In terms of technical routes, the future will be the common development of multiple technical directions, of which the scenario with relatively low power requirements such as inland rivers, lakes, and offshore will use compressed hydrogen/liquid hydrogen +PEM fuel cell solutions, but in the scenario of the ocean industry, it is expected to use methanol/ammonia +SOFC/ mixing and other technical solutions.

(2) In terms of market timing, the timing is appropriate from the aspects of technology and safety standards; From the perspective of cost, public demonstration ships, cruise ships and other scenes that are less cost-sensitive have already met the admission conditions, but bulk carriers, container ships and other costs have yet to be reduced.

(3) In terms of safety, specifications and standards, IMO has issued interim standards for fuel cells, and interim standards for hydrogen energy are being formulated; In the China domestic field, a basic hydrogen ship system framework has been formed. The fuel cell ships have basic reference standards in construction and application, and support the policy operation of ships.

(4) In terms of the contradiction between the development of technology, cost and scale, the large-scale development of other hydrogen energy fields such as fuel cell vehicles is expected to rapidly drive the cost of hydrogen vessels down.

Compared with the differences in the development of hydrogen vessels at home and abroad, the European region has indeed carried out active and meaningful exploration of the application of hydrogen energy in the field of ships, from the “ocean-hydrogen energy” concept, advanced product design and solutions, innovative industrial development mode, rich project practice. Europe has formed an innovative and dynamic industrial ecosystem in the field of hydrogen ships. China has made breakthroughs in fuel cell ship power technology, and with the rapid expansion of China’s hydrogen energy market, the domestic hydrogen energy ship industry is also full of potential.

The stage of industrial development has crossed from 0 to 0.1, and is moving from 0.1 to 1. Zero-carbon ships are a global task, which must be completed globally, and we need to explore the road to the development of zero-carbon oceans and zero-carbon ships industry on the basis of open cooperation.

Post time: Feb-19-2024