TCWY received the visiting from Indian customers EIL

On January 17, 2024, the Indian customer EIL visited TCWY, conducted a comprehensive communication on pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA tech), and reached an initial cooperation intention.

Engineers India Ltd (EIL) is a leading global engineering consultancy and EPC company. Established in 1965, EIL provides engineering consultancy and EPC services principally focused on the oil & gas and petrochemical industries. The Company has also diversified into sectors like infrastructure, water and waste management, solar & nuclear power and fertilizers to leverage its strong technical competencies and track record. Today, EIL is a‘Total Solutions’engineering consultancy company providing design, engineering, procurement, construction and integrated project management services

At the technical meeting, TCWY introduced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology and application scenarios to customers, such as PSA H2 plant, PSA oxygen plant, PSA nitrogen generator, PSA CO2 recovery plant, PSA CO plant, PSA-CO₂ Removal etc. It can been widely involved in the field of natural gas processing, petrochemical, coal chemical, fertilizer, metallurgy, power and cement industry. TCWY committed to provide a cost effective, zero discharge, environmental friendly energy to the world. TCWY and EIL had in-depth exchanges on some technical difficulties, and carried out intense discussions. TCWY focuses on classic project cases that customers care about, introducing plant design concepts, operating conditions and performance and high reviews from customers. TCWY engineers are highly valued by customer engineers for their technical professionalism and attention to detail.

TCWY has extensive experience and innovative ideas in the field of pressure swing adsorption technology (PSA tech), and TCWY’s technology is very mature and reliable, the process is reasonable and perfect, which can well meet the needs of customers. TCWY has its own unique advantages in reducing energy consumption, improving yield, reducing investment costs, lower operating costs etc. We have gained a lot from this visiting and look forward to more cooperation in the future.” Said EIL’s project manager.


Post time: Jan-18-2024