TCWY received a business visiting from Russia and Foster Promising Cooperation in hydrogen production

Russian customer made a significant visit to TCWY on July 19, 2023, resulting in a fruitful exchange of knowledge on PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption), VPSA (Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption), SMR (Steam Methane Reforming) hydrogen production technologies, and other related innovations. This meeting laid the groundwork for potential future cooperation between the two entities.

During the session, TCWY showcased its cutting-edge PSA-H2 hydrogen production technology, presenting real-world application scenarios and highlighting successful project cases that piqued the interest of the customer representatives. The discussions focused on how this technology can be utilized efficiently and effectively in various industries.

In the domain of VPSA oxygen production, TCWY's engineers emphasized their efforts to improve product purity and reduce consumption. This dedication to technical excellence garnered high praise from the customer engineers, impressed by TCWY's commitment to refining and optimizing their processes.

Another highlight of the visit was TCWY's demonstration of the SMR hydrogen production process. In addition to showcasing traditional engineering cases, TCWY unveiled their innovative concept of highly integrated SMR hydrogen production, presenting the technical characteristics and advantages of this novel approach.

The customer delegation acknowledged TCWY's extensive expertise and groundbreaking ideas in the fields of PSA, VPSA, and SMR hydrogen production technologies. They expressed their satisfaction with the valuable knowledge gained during the visit, highlighting the lasting positive impact this exchange had on their organization.

The collaboration between the company and TCWY holds the potential for mutual growth and advancement in the field of hydrogen production. With TCWY's innovative solutions and their vast resources, the partnership could drive significant advancements in the utilization of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source.

Both parties look forward to further negotiations and discussions to solidify their cooperation intention and to transform their shared vision into concrete actions. As the world looks for solutions to address pressing environmental challenges, partnerships like these become crucial for fostering innovation and progress in the energy sector.


Post time: Jul-20-2023