Methanol to hydrogen production plant exported to the Philippines has been delivered

Hydrogen has a wide range of uses in industry. In recent years, due to the rapid development of fine chemicals, anthraquinone-based hydrogen peroxide production, powder metallurgy, oil hydrogenation, forestry and agricultural product hydrogenation, bioengineering, petroleum refining hydrogenation, and hydrogen-fueled clean vehicles, the demand for pure hydrogen rapid increase.

For areas where there is no convenient hydrogen source, if the traditional method of producing gas from petroleum, natural gas or coal is used to separate and produce hydrogen, it will require huge investment and is only suitable for large-scale users. For small and medium-sized users, electrolysis of water can easily produce hydrogen, but it consumes a lot of energy and can’t reach very high purity. The scale is also limited. Therefore, in recent years, many users have changed to the new process route of methanol steam reforming for hydrogen production. Methanol and desalinated water are mixed in a certain proportion and sent to the vaporization tower after being preheated by a heat exchanger. The vaporized water and methanol vapor is superheated by a boiler heater and then enters a reformer to perform catalytic cracking and shift reactions on the catalyst bed. The reforming gas contains 74% hydrogen and 24% carbon dioxide. After heat exchange, cooling and condensation, it enters the water washing absorption tower. The unconverted methanol and water are collected in the bottom of the tower for recycling, and the gas at the top of the tower is sent to the pressure swing adsorption device for purification to get product hydrogen.

TCWY has rich experience in methanol reforming hydrogen production process.

Through the joint efforts of the TCWY’s design, procurement, assembly and production departments, it took 3 months to complete the assembly and static commissioning of the methanol to hydrogen production plant in advance and delivery to Philippines successfully.

Project Information: All Skid 100Nm³/h methanol to Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen purity: 99.999%

Project features: whole skid installation, high integration, small size, easy transportation, installation and maintenance and no open flame.


Post time: Apr-13-2022