Many Cities Have Launched Hydrogen Bicycles, So How Safe and Cost Is It?

Recently, the 2023 Lijiang hydrogen bicycle launch ceremony and public welfare cycling activities were held in Dayan Ancient Town of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, and 500 hydrogen bicycles were launched.

The hydrogen bicycle has a maximum speed of 23 kilometers per hour, 0.39 liters of solid hydrogen battery can travel 40 kilometers to 50 kilometers, and uses low-pressure hydrogen storage technology, low hydrogen charging pressure, small hydrogen storage, and has strong safety. At present, the hydrogen bicycle pilot operation area extends north to Dongkang Road, south to Qingshan Road, east to Qingshan North Road, and west to Shuhe Road. It is understood that Lijiang plans to put 2,000 hydrogen bicycles before August 31.

In the next step, Lijiang will promote the construction of the "new energy + green hydrogen" industry and the "wind-sunlight- water storage" multi-energy complementary demonstration project, build the "green hydrogen base in the middle and upper reaches of the Jinsha River", and launch demonstration applications such as "green hydrogen + energy storage", "green hydrogen + cultural tourism", "green hydrogen + transportation" and "green hydrogen + health care".

Previously, cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou have also launched hydrogen bikes. So, how safe are hydrogen bikes? Is the cost acceptable to consumers? What are the prospects for future commercial applications?

Solid hydrogen storage and digital management

Hydrogen bicycle uses hydrogen as energy, mainly through the electrochemical reaction of hydrogen fuel cell, hydrogen and oxygen are combined to produce electricity, and provide a shared vehicle with riding auxiliary power. As a zero-carbon, environmentally friendly, intelligent and convenient means of transportation, it plays a positive role in reducing urban pollution, alleviating traffic pressure, and promoting the transformation of urban energy structure.

According to Mr. Sun, chairman of the Lishui Hydrogen bicycle operation Company, the hydrogen bicycle the maximum speed of 23 km/h, 0.39 liters of solid hydrogen battery life of 40-50 kilometers, using low-pressure hydrogen storage technology, low pressure to charge and discharge hydrogen and small hydrogen storage, artificial hydrogen replacement only 5 seconds to complete.

-Are hydrogen bikes safe?

-Mr. Sun: "The hydrogen energy rod on the hydrogen energy bicycle uses low pressure solid state hydrogen storage technology, which is not only safe and large hydrogen storage, but also low internal equilibrium pressure. At present, the hydrogen energy rod has passed the fire, high altitude drop, impact and other experiments, and has strong safety."

"In addition, the hydrogen energy digital management platform we built will conduct real-time data tracking and digital management of the hydrogen storage device in each vehicle, and monitor hydrogen use 24 hours a day." When each hydrogen storage tank changes hydrogen, the system will carry out comprehensive quality and safety testing to escort users' safe travel." Mr. Sun added.

The purchase cost is 2-3 times that of pure electric bicycles

Public information shows that the unit price of most hydrogen bicycles on the market is about CNY10000, which is 2-3 times that of pure electric bicycles. At this stage, its price is high and it does not have strong market competitiveness, and it is difficult to make a breakthrough in the ordinary consumer market. At present, the cost of hydrogen bicycles is high, and it is difficult to gain an advantage in the current market competition.

However, some insiders said that in order to achieve market-oriented development of hydrogen bicycles, hydrogen energy enterprises need to design a feasible commercial operation model, make full use of the advantages of hydrogen bicycles in terms of endurance, energy supplement, comprehensive energy cost, safety and other conditions, and shorten the distance between hydrogen bicycles and consumers.

The hydrogen bicycle charge standard is CNY3 /20 minutes, after the 20-minute ride, the charge is CNY1 for every 10 minutes, and the daily maximum consumption is CNY20. A number of consumers said that they can accept the shared form of hydrogen bicycle charges. "I'm happy to occasionally use a shared hydrogen bike, but if buy one myself, I'll think about it," said a Beijing resident surnamed Jiang.

The advantages of popularization and application are obvious

The life of the hydrogen bicycle and the fuel cell is about 5 years, and the fuel cell can be recycled after the end of its life, and the material recycling rate can reach more than 80%. Hydrogen bicycles have zero carbon emissions in the process of use, and the recycling of hydrogen fuel cells before manufacturing and after the end of life belong to low-carbon industries, reflecting the principles and concepts of circular economy.

Hydrogen bicycles have the characteristics of zero emissions throughout the life cycle, which meets the needs of modern society for environmentally friendly transportation. Secondly, hydrogen bicycles have a long driving range, which can meet people's long-distance travel needs. In addition, hydrogen bicycles can also start quickly under low temperature conditions, especially in some low temperature scenarios in the northern region.

Although the cost of hydrogen bicycles is still very high, but with the improvement of people's environmental awareness and the requirements for the efficiency of transportation vehicles, the market prospect of hydrogen bicycles is broad.


Post time: Sep-06-2023