A New VPSA Oxygen Generation Plant (VPSA-O2 Plant) Designed By TCWY Is Under Construction

A new VPSA oxygen generation plant (VPSA-O2 plant) designed by TCWY is under construction. It will be put into production very soon.

Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) Oxygen Production Technology is used in various industries such as metals, glass, cement, pulp and paper, refining and so on. This technology is based on the different adsorption capabilities of the special adsorbent to O2 and other compositions in the air. The product oxygen purity can be up to 93%.

This unit is featured by controllable process flow, mature and reliable, stable air supply quality (online full-time purity monitoring via oxygen analyzer), relatively low pressure fluctuation, stable adsorption efficiency all the year round and low maintenance expenses; main equipment are imported, or introduced from well-known manufacturers in China, making sure that the annual fault-free operating ratio is above 98%. The annual average shutdown time (fault shutdown + planned maintenance) will not exceed seven days.

Special molecular sieve TC-801 for VPSA oxygen generation with large dynamic adsorbing capacity and easy desorption under the low pressure is adopted, which is characterized with stable adsorption efficiency, long service life, and the replacement interval longer than 15 years.

This unit is highly automatic, with full-time remote monitoring of key process parameters (such as product pressure, flow rate, purity, and valve group switchover period), centralized control and adjustment, and unattended operation; all instrument air systems are imported, making sure reliable and fast adjustment to key product parameters; at the same time, UPS guarantees normal operation monitoring in case of power failure.

Compared with cryogenic oxygen production, VPSA has the advantages of small footprint, short installation cycle, low installation cost, automatic program-controlled operation, low cost of oxygen production and low energy consumption. Device Load and product specification adjustment is convenient and fast.

Post time: Sep-03-2021